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2023 Event Agenda

08:00 Registration and Breakfast

We offer coffee and a small breakfast

08:45 introduction

Organiser Annemarie Gubanski opens the day.

  • How did Revenue Forum Event come to pass?
  • What to expect from the day?
  • How does the Event App work?
  • Who are the speakers we will meet?
  • How can you plan your day best?

09:00 Panel, Hur kan hotel industry locka fler medarbetare? (på Svenska)

Under pandemin lämnade många anställda hotel industrin och hittade arbete i andra industrier. Hotell industrin har svårt att locka till sig gamla och nya anställda. Brist på personal påverkar service och lönsamhet. Samtidigt utbildas för få nya anställda, skolor har svårt att locka tillräckligt många studenter till deras utbildningar

  • Hur kan vi bli en attraktiv bransch igen?
  • Hur mycket påverkar lön eller arbetstider?
  • Hur får vi fler att utbilda sig till vår bransch?
  • Hur kan Visita och Hotellindustrin samarbeta?

09.30 Start of the international event

This event is held simultaneously in Stockholm, London and Milan. We will meet the organisers from the other events: Ally Northfield from Revenue by Design (London) and Emanuele Nardin from Hotel Performance (Milan)

09.40 Keynote Speaker from London

Live from London, our first Keynote Speaker will start up the day

10.25 Pecha Kucha

You can learn a lot in 7 minutes. Live from London, the first Pecha Kucha speaker will take the scene

10:40 Turning Short Term Profit to Long Term Loyalty

With increased cost it gets harder for hotels to maintain good profit levels. But how can we increase profit and still meet the service levels that create loyal customers?

10:40 The Focus Shift from Revenue- to Commercial Managent

Bringing together different commercial teams in a time when we shift focus within e-commerce, revenue management and sales. How can we move from RevPAR to GOPAR?

  • What skills should the commercial team need to increase result?
  • How to create a high level performing commercial team
  • What new KPIs are needed to track future performance?

10:40 Strategies that actually increase Direct Revenue (1/3)

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10:40 Hur kan vi möta framtidens hybrida möten?

Pandemin lärde oss att vi kan träffas digitalt om det så behövs. Vi ser en trend i att möten blir mer hybrida där deltagarna är en blandning mellan fysiska och digitala deltagare. Är det en möjlighet eller ett hot för hotell?

  • Hur kommer denna trend hålla sig i framtiden?
  • Vilka investeringar ska hotell göra för att möta denna trend?
  • Hur beräknar vi ROI på dessa investeringar?
  • Behövs lika många möteslokaler i framtiden?

11:10 Second Breakfast

Time for a break. We offer coffee and breakfast

11:40 Panel. The future of loyalty programs

  • Is the time when loyalty programs are all about collecting points over?
  • What do our guests expect from us?
  • Which technology do we need to custom the guests needs?

11:40 How to attract corporate travelers

Pandemic changed the way our corporate customers travel and companies amended their

11:40 Strategies that actually increase Direct Revenue (2/3)

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11:40 Redefining Your Guests

Post Covid trends show that we need to identify consumers’ new beliefs, habits, and booking patterns and adapt our services and introducing new booking models.

11:40 Vilka kunskaper behöver dagens Revenue Manager?

Världen förändras och så gör Revenue Managers roll, som numera är en Total Profit Revenue Manager som även ska ha bra kunskap om digital marknadsföring så att vi kan få den optimala distributionsstrategi

  • Vilka kunskaper krävs?
  • Hur tillämpar vi Revenue Management på alla avdelningar?
  • Hur förhåller sig Revenue Management med de övriga avdelningarna?
  • Vilka fler trender behöver en Revenue Manager ha koll på?

12:15 Keynote Speaker

Live from Milan, our second Keynote Speaker will be inspiring us all

13:00 Pecha Kucha

On Stage in Stockholm, we will watch our second Pecha Kucha speaker. You can learn a lot in seven minutes

13:10 Lunch and Mingle

Time for a break. We offer a great lunch

14:15 Hotel owners prediction of the future

For this  panel we invited owners of hotels tell their story.

  • What are hotel owners focusing on this year and looking ahead to the future
  • What is the future of loyalty programs?
  • What would be great future investment in the industry, such as more resorts than city hotels?
  • What do owners see as good performance besides making a profit?
  • How to choose the right technology that fits all hotels within the chain?

14:15 Making Cents of your payment provider

Understanding the guest journey throughout his or hers complete guest journey, from the time they find and visit your website for the first time to following their revenue streams during their stay and offering a problem free payment experience.

In this small intimate workshop, we will find the answers

  • Is there money to be made from your payment solution?
  • Can we really track each guest’s revenue spent during their stay?
  • Is there a payment solution for all types of hotels and what do they need to look for?
  • What will future guests expect from payment providers?

14:15 Reinvent upselling

Upselling can create good incremental revenue, but when is the right time to contact the guest and how do we make sure that guests also spend incremental revenue when they are On Site?

14:15 How to build a Sustainable Business Strategy

Sustainability is about a whole lot more than how often you wash your towels and which cleaning products we use. Hotels today need to take a more agile approach and work with the environment, with its staff, with its community and with its stakeholders to implement long-lasting, positive change.

14:15 Att använda metasök kanaler för att öka direkt försäljning

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14:50 Attracting the Next Generation Talent

Many industries have a shortage of staff and are actively looking for the next generation talent. With all these players on the market, how can hotels stand out and find the right staff.

  • What incentives can we give other than higher wages?
  • How to become an interesting employer
  • The power of education. How to incorporate this in our company
  • How to keep the staff you want to keep

14:50 Developing a Strong Brand Identity for Your Hotel

The days branding is limited to a logo and a set of colors are far gone. Your brand is who you are, how you behave and how you talk to your audience and it should be the starting point of your hotel interior design. As we see an increasing number of collection brands and concept hotels, we turn to the experts for advice in this intriguing panel discussion.

14:50 What does Google have in store for us?

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14:50 Strategies that actually increase Direct Revenue (3/3)

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14:50 Finns det Revenue Management System som kan optimera samtliga avdelingar?

Revenue Management har blivit mera agilt och Revenue Managers tar mer och mer hand om att tillämpa Revenue Management på samtliga avdelningar.

  • Finns det system som kan hjälpa en Revenue Manager tillämpa Total Profit Revenue Management
  • Vilka utmaningar finns det och hur kan vi lösa dessa?
  • Vilka nya KPIs finns det och går de att beräkna med nuvarande system?
  • Hur kan vi följa intäkterna från varje gäst?

15:25 Coffee break

Time for a break with coffee and traditional Swedish Fika

15:55 Keynote Speaker

Live from Stockholm, our last Keynote Speaker for the day will take the scene

16:40 Pecha Kucha

We move over to Milan and will watch the last Pecha Kucha for the day. There is a lot to learn in seven minutes

16:55 IDeaS Speaker

Live from London our Platinum Plus Sponsor IDeaS will give an inspiring speech

17:15 Closure

Time to say Good Bye

17:25 Network drinks

Time for a glass of wine, beer or softdrinks and a bit to nibble