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Anna Tarnovskaya – SHR

Anna Tarnovskaya – SHR

Recently joining SHR team as CRM Specialist, Anna assists clients in EMEA region. As a hospitality devotee she brings her CRM knowledge from working with all types of hotel businesses across the world together with various operational roles directly at the hotels she finds CRM solutions for challenges of clients and assisting team needs.

SHR: Hospitality’s Only Integrated, AI-Enhanced Revenue Generation Engine

SHR is a technology company serving the hotel industry for over 25 years. We offer innovative solutions for distribution, marketing and revenue management – helping hotels to generate more revenue, more meaningful guest relationships and save valuable time.

We provide three different AI-driven solutions, Central Reservation System (CRS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Revenue Management System (RMS). All of them work perfectly alone but are truly effective working in concert.  The integration between the SHR systems, as well as with several vendors in the market elevates the value we bring to the table.