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About Revenue Forum

Revenue Forum is a recurring event that first started in 2008 in Stockholm by Annemarie Gubanski, Revenue & Distribution expert and founder of Taktikon AB. Taktikon is one of Scandinavia’s leading Revenue Management and Distribution consultancies, with headoffice in Stockholm, Sweden.

Revenue Forum is for anyone interested in Revenue Management. Whether you currently work as a Revenue Manager, work alongside one or just find the subject interesting, Revenue Forum is the right place for you!

Revenue Forum is an initiative that was founded when Annemarie moved from a major hotel chain. “If you work with many colleagues, you have a natural network. When I started working on a smaller chain, I discovered that I was lacking a network, a sounding board, other Revenue Managers and Revenue Management interested people to talk to. There is only so much one can discuss without revealing company secrets or getting into antitrust issues, “says Annemarie Gubanski. “When I realized this, I understood that there are more that are struggeling with the same challenge and that is when the idea of starting Revenue Forum was born.” Revenue Forum is currently being held in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Brussels.

The goal with Revenue Forum is to create an inspiring event in which a new subject is chosen each time. Inspiring speakers who can highlight a different perspective on the subject are then selected. The speakers have clear directive that this is not a sales call. Revenue Forum is solely interested in the the world of Revenue Management and the power of networking.

Interested in finding out more about events and courses within Revenue Management? Taktikon offers courses and seminars, as well as outsourcing, mentorship programmes and audits within Revenue Management.

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