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Olof Röhlander – Keynote Speaker (Stockholm)

Olof Röhlander – Keynote Speaker (Stockholm)

Inspirer - mental coach - author

With his fifteen years as an inspirer, Olof Röhlander has gathered unique experiences about what working life looks like. He knows what needs to be done to remain relevant and sustainably successful in a digitized world that is constantly restarting.

In recent years, Olof released a podcast together with Lasse Berghagen. In addition to that, Olof was both Summer and Winter speaker on Swedish Radio, P1

In his usual inspiring, energizing and fun way, Olof presents concrete thoughts and ideas that ensure both job satisfaction, satisfied customers, and good results.

Olof Röhlander has written four books on leadership, job satisfaction and motivation, and has given nearly 2,000 lectures. His latest book “Motivationsrevolutionen” was written together with psychology researcher Magnus Lindwall. In the book, they present the new research on motivational psychology in an educational and inspiring way, and how you create long-term and sustainable motivation.