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Annemarie Gubanski – Organizer

Annemarie Gubanski – Organizer

CEO and Founder Taktikon

Annemarie Gubanski has a long experience in Revenue Management and Distribution. She is the founder of Taktikon AB, as well as Taktikon Hotels which is a Soft Brand for independent hotels who would like to remain independent but have all the benefits of being part of a brand

She is the founder and organiser of Revenue Forum and a sought-after lecturer, amongst others for the Revenue Management courses at Frans Schartau Handelsinstitut in Stockholm, Sweden.

Taktikon is an independent consulting- and training company specialised in Revenue Management, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing. The company various types of services; Outsourcing, Trainings, Mentorship and Audits as well as a Softbrand: Taktikon Hotels and a Revenue Management Tool: Rev-Diary

Taktikon Hotels is a soft brand for independent and franchise hotels looking for global services and state-of-the-art technology without paying a marketing premium to a brand.