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Stephan Kohl – HQ Revenue

Stephan Kohl – HQ Revenue

Business Development Manager

Stephan is passionate about hospitality and all the crazy people working in it. He is part of HQ revenue since 2019 and as Business Development Manager for Germany & The Nordics he supports hoteliers on a daily basis with how to develop their strategy.

With opening new hotels and helping hotel brands go to market, Stephan thrives on the complexity of hospitality’s technology landscape.

Stephan’s wide range of knowledge dates back to his formative experiences in hotel operations from Front Desk to Revenue Management for brands like Hilton, 25hours Hotels, and Fraser Hospitality.

“They called me Wikipedia or MacGyver – Everything is possible”

HQ revenue is a tech company that aggregates and analyzes market and business data in real-time. Hotels and Hostels—from boutique properties to global chains—use our software to boost their revenue and save time on market monitoring and BI.