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2024 Event Agenda

2024 Event Agenda

08.00 Registration, morning coffee buffet

Time to get your badge for today. We offer morning coffee buffet

08.45 Welcome and Introduction

Organiser Annemarie Gubanski opens the day.

  • How did Global Revenue Forum Event come to pass?
  • What to expect from the day?
  • How does the Event App work?
  • Who are the speakers we will meet?
  • How can you plan your day best

Annemarie Gubanski, Taktikon

09.00 Panel Discussion: Roadmap to Resilience towards better leadership, sustainability and technology

  • Panel of experienced hotel executives sharing their leadership journeys and lessons learned
  • Topics may include team building, organizational culture, decision-making, and leading through change

Lotten Fowler, Moderator

Lotta Boman, Sigtunahöjden

Anna Spjuth, Strawberry

Johanna Wessman Fresnel, Radisson Hotel Grou

09.30 Start of the Global Revenue Forum

This event is held simultaneously in Stockholm, London, Milan and Lisbon. We will meet the organisers from the other events: Ally Northfield from Revenue by Design (London) and Emanuele Nardin from Hotel Performance (Milan)

09.40 Keynote Speaker live from London

Live from London, our first Keynote Speaker will start up the day.

Greg Land, Global Segment Leader, Accommodation, Lodging, Casino, Cruise for Amazon Web Services, will take to the stage to open ‘Roadmap to Resilience’.

Greg will leverage his extensive industry expertise to share his insights on building resilience in the face of uncertainty and the role technology can play.

Greg Land, Keynote

10.30 Road Map to Resilience - a journey from different perspectives

Using a hologram our Platinum sponsor IDeaS will speak Live from New York

Klaus Kohlmayr, Chief Evangelist and Development Officer, IDeaS, Joe Pettigrew Chief Commercial Officer at Starwood Hotel Asset Management, Conversation led by Michael Frenkel, Principal, Travel Conversations LLC, MFC PR

Joe Pettigrew, Starwood Capital Group

Michael Frenkel, moderator


Klaus Kohlmayr, IDeaS

10.50 Panel Discussion: Shaping Better Political Landscapes for the Tourism Industry

In this panel we gather industry leaders to discuss an important topic. Questions to be answered are:

  • Revamping Politics to Empower the Tourism Sector
  • Political Strategies for Enhancing the Tourism Industry
  • The Power Play: Strengthening Tourism Through Political Reforms
  • Forward-Thinking Policies: Nurturing Tourism Growth
  • Pathways Ahead: Political Innovations for Tourism Success
  • Building Society Through Tourism: Political Perspectives and Actions

    Susanne Andersson, Visit Sweden

    Anna Wallén, Visita

Anders Johansson, Moderator

11.20 The Art of Destination Branding

How to attract more visitors to your country?

Nils Persson, Visit Sweden

11.35 Lunch

A well deserved break. Time for breakfast and mingling

12:35 Keynote Live from Milan: Resilience: Catalyst for Adaptation and Innovation

Live from Milan, our second keynote speaker of the day enters the scene

Navigate constant change by embracing it, sparking creativity, and emerging stronger! Join our highly interactive session to unlock keys to success in this dynamic business world. Harness resilience, adapt, and innovate to elevate your personal and professional journey. Move forward confidently as you navigate the future!

Séan Worker, Keynote Speaker

Breakout Sessions

Main Stream

13.20 Checking In on Leadership: Insights from Hospitality Industry Titans

  • Interactive panel focusing on practical approaches to developing essential leadership skills in the hotel industry
  • Topics may include communication, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and fostering a culture of innovation

Sunniva Fallan Röd, Sturebadet

Pelle Johansson, Hagabadet

Elin Roquet, Sheraton

Monika Hilm, Moderator

13.50 How to prepare for the unexpected

Panel on how we can prepare for what we don’t know.

What did we learn from the corona crisis – this is how we can meet the next challenge better.

The security threats posed by leaked personal data are recurring – these things we need to know already now.

Martin Creydt, Pandox

Sofia Eriksson, American Express GBT

Patrik Wennerland, Amadeus

Kim Spolén, Moderator

14.20 Unveiling the Alchemy of Brands: Decoding Their Influence on Pricing Strategy

  • Unveiling the Influence of Brand Names
  • The Psychology Behind Branding
  • Leveraging Brand Value
  • Strategies for Price Differentiation
  • Protecting Brand Integrity
  • Meeting Market Demands
  • Agility in Pricing Strategies
  • Evolution of Branding and Pricing
  • Actionable Insights for Business Growth

Tomas Bäcklund, Elite Hotels

14.50 Will AI revolutionize the hotel industry forever?

  • Insights into the skills and opportunities in an AI-driven world;
  • The ethical considerations and responsible practices in AI development and deployment;
  • Discussions on bias, transparency, privacy, and AI governance.

Steve Collins, SHR

Peter Majanen. Quattroporte

Nicole Pagels, Moder

Stephan Kohl, Moderator

Sales/Marketing Stream

13.20 Mastering your digital marketing: Unlock direct revenue

Digital Accessibility: Turn your website into a powerful & optimal booking experience.

Targeting Specific Audiences for Direct Revenue: Dive into the concept of niche marketing within the hotel industry.
Adapting to Industry Changes for Direct Revenue: Explore the concept of agile marketing in the hotel industry.
Dynamic Pricing Strategies for Maximizing Direct Bookings: Explore the implementation of dynamic pricing models to optimise ROI.

Sebastian Malkvist, Myhotelshop


13.50 How to use First Party Data with Digital Marketing to win Direct

A look at how Hotels can win more direct business by leveraging first party data and gain an advantage over their competitors as third party cookies go offline in 2024.

Hear from the No 1 ranked for Digital Marketing on Hotel Tech Report 2023 on the future of first party data.

Steve Collins, SHR Group

14.20 Turning Reviews into Revenue: Strategies for Reputation and Revenue Growth

  • Understanding the importance of reviews and the impact they have on revenue
  • Effective strategies for online reputation.
  • Practical exercise: exploring how a hotel can identify areas and prioritise actions to improve hotel reputation and quality.

Jonty Hapeta, Trust You

14.50 Is Your Website Speaking to the Four Communication Styles?

Ever wondered how adapting to different communication styles could enhance your website’s effectiveness?

Curious about practical strategies to connect with a diverse audience and provide a better experience for potential guests?
Join us in exploring these questions and more to make your hotel website more user-friendly and accommodating to all.

Weronika Mothes, Profitroom

Jolanta Bonter, Profitroom

Revenue/Technology Stream

13.20 Balancing Tech and Warmth: Redefining Hospitality in the Digital Era

With guests demanding a personalised experience, humanisation of Hotel Technology might become the New Thing.

In this workshop we will touch topics such as:

  • Enhancing the Guest Journey and Guest Satisfaction
  • Upselling at the Right Time with the Right Product to the Right Person
  • The Human Touch Approach using Technology

    Krasimir Trapchev, Clock PMS+

13.50 Sustainable Profitability in an AI-Driven World

In the world where travel keeps on growing but at the same time typical demand and booking patterns are shifting rapidly, a world where travellers’ choices are constantly evolving as we search for new and more personalised experiences.

New buzz words take main stages in top level discussions around the world: AI, Machine Learning, Total profit, Big data, Sustainability.

Join us to learn how technology can help you connect the dots, remove the silos and deliver the holistic solution that will help you future proof your business, Sustainable Profitability.

Tomas Leszczynski, BEONx

14.20 Mastering Modern Revenue Management: Essential Skills Workshop

Join the IDeaS client training team to dive into the core skills of today’s hospitality revenue managers in this interactive and dynamic workshop. Discuss and present persuasive arguments around effective revenue management techniques, digital marketing strategies, and distribution tactics crucial for success in the competitive industry. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the field, gain actionable insights from your peers to stay ahead in modern hospitality.

Vasilis Georgiadis, IDeaS

Anja Lamond, IDeaS

14.50 Mastering Modern Revenue Management: Essential Skills Workshop

Join the IDeaS client training team to dive into the core skills of today’s hospitality revenue managers in this interactive and dynamic workshop. Discuss and present persuasive arguments around effective revenue management techniques, digital marketing strategies, and distribution tactics crucial for success in the competitive industry. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the field, gain actionable insights from your peers to stay ahead in modern hospitality.

Vasilis Georgiadis, IDeaS

Anna Lamond, IDeaS

Swedish Stream

13.20 Från siffror till framgång. Prognosanvändning för Total Revenue Management

Revenue Management experterna Annemarie Gubanski och Katarina Svensson från Taktikon bjuder på en mycket interaktiv workshop.

Varje dag har sin egen strategi och bakom strategierna ligger en bra prognos. Men hur görs en prognos, hur bestämmer man en strategi och vad mer kan man använda prognoser till?

Katarina Svensson, Taktikon

Annemarie Gubanski, Taktikon

13.50 Utveckla Ditt Ledarskap för Hållbar Framgång i ett komplext landskap

I denna workshop kommer vi att utforska vikten och elementen av att vara en modern strategisk ledare samt varför din organisation måste ha ett tillväxt- och transformationsinriktat tankesätt i dagens dynamiska landskap!

Christian Madsen, Eight Tridents

14.20 Revolutionera Hotellbranschen: Bemästra Sociala Medier och AI för att nå Framtida Resenärer

En interaktiv föreläsning där vi utforskar hur man skapar engagerande innehåll, anpassat för olika plattformar och upptäcker kraften i AI-program för en revolutionerande digital närvaro. Få insikter i användarbeteenden och framtidens trender. En unik chans att ligga steget före. Maximera din digitala närvaro och skapa en oöverträffad upplevelse för ditt hotell!

Michal Wolosz, Story Sculptors

14.50 Attrahera personal och kunder till ditt hotell med LinkedIn

Social Selling (Ökad försäljning med LinkedIn) är en superkraft med en oerhörd potential för att öka synlighet och i förlängningen försäljningen med hjälp av LinkedIn.

Det du kan förvänta dig av denna föreläsning är konkreta tips för att:

  • Bygga ditt och ditt bolags personliga varumärke på LinkedIn
  • Öka försäljningen
  • Öka synlighet och varumärkeskännedom´

Utöver detta tillkommer såklart energi, pepp och förhoppningsvis också en del skratt. Det vore kul att ses!

Tomas Wesander, Stjärnsäljarpodden

15.15 Coffee Break

Time for a break again. We offer coffee and the well known Swedish Fika. Enjoy while mingling!

Breakout Session

Main Stream

15.40 Exploring the future needs and behaviours of travel

In this panel we explore the future needs and behaviours of tourists as well as conference and event attendees, where sustainability and revenue can go hand in hand.

Daniel Skog, STF

Håkan Holmgren, Bergendal

Linda Elmén, Stockholmsmässan

Sebastian Tarkowski, Moderator

16.10 making meetings meaningful, a practical guide from a meeting evangelist

How to stand out in a crowded landscape. Award winning CEO shares his best tips and tricks to cut through the clutter.

What makes meetings meaningful? And why do people meet? If we, in the meeting and conferencing industry, want to to support qualitative meetings that lead to better results for our customers, we also need to continuously work on developing our own meeting skills and toolboxes.

In this session we explore the mechanics of meetings by collaboratively solving an ancient riddle to co-create a definition of meaningful meetings, while sharing a few laughs.

The objective of the session is to generate a better understanding of the mechanics behind meaningful meetings, allowing you to create, not only, customer value, but also improving your own meeting leadership skills applicable both in professional and family meetings.

Sebastian Tarkowski, Fagerudd

Sales/Marketing Stream

15.40 Elevate the Guest Experience and Reduce Costs with Automation & Digital Tech

  • Understand the current landscape
  • The Intersection of Guest Experience and Operational Efficiency
  • Digital Transformation in Hospitality
  • Elevating the Guest Journey
  • Automation for Operational Efficiency
  • Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Implementing a Seamless Tech Ecosystem
  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Pekka Salo, Stayntouch

16.10 Bridging the Gap Between Marketing, Sales, and Revenue Management for Enhanced Collaboration

The secrets of managing the analytical prowess of revenue management, the creative insights of marketing, and the persuasive sales skills.

Anders Johansson, Demand Calendar

Revenue/Technology Stream

15.40 Breaking boundaries with AI: moving to include operational and profit optimization

  • Why AI matters: Highlighting the transformative power of AI in optimizing operations and driving profit.
  • The role of data: Understanding the importance of high-quality data for AI-driven optimization.
  • AI-powered decision-making: Leveraging algorithms for smarter, data-driven decisions.
  • Predictive analytics and forecasting: Using AI to foresee operational trends and optimize processes proactively
  • Revenue maximization: Using AI for targeted marketing, pricing optimization, and customer retention.

David Poprawka, Infor


16.10 The Booking Journey of the Future!

Explore the world of connected bookings and digital product placement with the help of Moder.

We will look at how hoteliers can bring all of their hospitality products online, connecting overnight products with time-slot based products and tailoring extra services to fit with core products. Learn about reversed up sales, agile booking funnels and total revenue management where every product can have its own price rules. This is a practical session where you can have a go at building your own connected booking funnel during the session or sit-back and soak it all in while Joonas makes one for you.

Nicole Pagels, Moder

Swedish Stream

15.40 Revolutionera ditt hotells framtid! Hur gör man för att effektivisera och få maximal tillväxt?

Här beskriver Pelle hur ett av hans portföljbolag blivit branschen mest lönsamma bolag och vilka processer och system de arbetar med för att få det att hända. Hur vi får ett beteende som vi vill skall genomsyra organisationen oavsett om det är gästnöjdhet eller försäljning.

Pelle Johansson, Ngager

16.10 Hotellmarknadsdata i Norden - data och trender

Hur utvecklas hotellbrannchen i de olika marknaderna? Vi summerar 2023, ser på hur de olika nyckeltalen utvecklas och tar också en titt på hur bokningsläget ser ut framåt.

Henrik Karlsson, Benchmarking Alliance



16.40 Keynote Live On Stage in Stockholm

Live On Stage in Stockholm and shown simultaneously in London, Milan and Lissabon; the final keynote speaker for the day Christina Stielli

Resilience to cope with our world, resilience to be able to inspire co-workers, resilience for wellbeing and a fruitful life. It is time to take yourself seriously. To get this started, Christina will help us with new insights, tangible examples and thought-provoking stories from everyday life. Conveyed with great recognition factor, passion and joy.

Christina Stielli, Keynote Speaker

17.25 Wrap Up of the Event

What did we learn today?

17.30 Networking Drinks

  • Informal networking opportunity with participants, speakers, and technology providers
  • Refreshments and socializing

19.30 Time to say Goodbye

And that’s a wrap