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Christian Madsen – Eight Tridents

Christian Madsen – Eight Tridents


Christian’s 25-year tenure in the hotel industry has involved working with renowned brands like Fairmont, InterContinental, Hilton, and Nordic-based Strawberry, as well as independent brands.

His professional journey has taken him across four continents and twelve countries, from Bali in the East to Banff in the West. Initially developing his leadership and strategic thinking as an officer in the Danish military, Christian has since held varied leadership roles in over a dozen hotels. “Perpetual change” has been a fundamental aspect of Christian’s career, influencing his approach and the type of projects he undertakes. His expertise includes leading multi-unit operations through transformative phases, revitalizing hotels and brands, initiating new openings and renovations, and managing comprehensive organizational and commercial overhauls. Additionally, his passion and expertise include organizational leadership and coaching, with a over a decade in senior roles, leading complex teams counting 1000+ employees.

Eight Tridents is a specialized hospitality consultancy firm, offering coaching and advisory services in Strategic Development, Leadership, Personal Development, and custom-tailored Project Support. Eight Tridents is dedicated to aiding in business transformation and enhancing change-leadership for senior leaders in the industry.