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Stockholm Event Agenda

08:00 Registration and breakfast

We offer coffee/tea and a breakfast bag.

08:45 Introduction

Moderator Anton Körberg and organiser Annemarie Gubanski kick off the day

09:00 Panel: leadership from chaos (på Svenska)

Pandemic put a hard pressure on hotel owners and General Managers, what decisions did they make when they first saw the devastating first results of Covid-19, what did they change along the way and how did they manage the team in this time of turmoil?

We invite prominent speakers and hotel experts to participate in this panel

09:30 Start of the international event

This event is held simultaneously in Stockholm, Rimini, London and Online. We will meet the organisers from the other events

09:45 Keynote speaker from London: Rik Vera

Revenue Forum Keynote speakerlive from London, we listen to our first inspiring keynote speaker, Rik Vera

10:30 Pecha Kucha

It only takes 7 minutes to know more

10:40 Coffee break

We offer coffee with a light snack

10:55 Workshop: Prepare your digital marketing strategy for a world without cookies

Cookies are going to be a thing of the past. How will hotels still be able to target the right customers? Our speaker gives the answer

10:55 Panel: Total Profit Revenue Management

For years the hotel industry has talked about Revenue Managers turning into Total Profit Revenue Managers and really get the most out of our revenue streams. For this panel we have invited Revenue Managers from other industries to give us their insights. What can we learn from them?

10:55 Workshop: We jumped in a time machine and ended up in 1998

The past pandemic fast forwarded the current trends with 10 years, but where did we end up? Will Tour Operators come back and what will our guests demand from us? Will it become a price driving or a quality driven market

11:25 Coffee Break

We offer coffee with a light snack

11:55 Interview: The digital development

2020 was the year where we went from personal to Online. Not only when it comes to online meetings, retailers have also noticed that their customers are happy to start ordering online instead of going to the store. Are there good examples of companies that have switched to Online and how did it go?

11:55 Panel: What will our world look like the coming 12 months?

Will we go back to normal or will the new normal remain the future normal? We have invited trend scouts and speakers from other industries to help us understand our future.

11:55 Workshop: Revenue Management Pricing Tools

There are many Revenue Management Tools to choose from, all with a different philosophy, algorithm and level. How do you find the system that works best for your type of property and what kind of impact does the choice of system have on your operation?

12:25 Interview: How our mind works

We all act and react differently in times of stress and crisis. How can it be that one person stays calm when another person goes into complete panic? We have asked a brain researcher to tell give us some insights

12:45 Keynote speaker from Rimini: Tim Davis

Live from Rimini, we watch and listen to our first inspiring keynote speaker Tim Davis from Pace Dimensions

13:30 Keynote speaker IDeaS


13:55 Lunchbreak and Mingle


15:00 Interview: How to find the best technology solutions

Finding the right technology that will fit the needs


15:00 Panel: Can you hear me now? The Voice Future is here!

Voice is being used to a larger extend for many things we would like to buy. Is this something a hotel should consider and what are the next steps?

15:00 Workshop: Pricing in a Total Competition situation

When the market is wide open and pricing is at a low, how can you find demand at the right price?


15:30 Workshop: Next Generation Guests, what do they expect?

Each generation has it’s own expectations on hotels. What can we expect in the future and how should hotels prepare for them?


15:30 Workshop: David vs Goliath. How to win from giants

Over the years we have gotten used to big players such as Booking and Expedia. Now Google has come into the market. How should hotels make the best of the current situation, who will be entering the market next and can we already prepare us now?


15:30 Workshop: The digital Customer Journey updated

When our segmentation mix shifted from Corporate to Leisure driven, did this have an impact on our digital Customer Journey? What will the impact be om our distribution strategies and packaging?


16:05 Mingle Break

We offer coffee with a light snack


16:55 Interview: What does future employment look like?

During the pandemic, many in the hospitality industry lost their jobs. What will this mean for future employment? How will the hospitality industry be able to staff up in the uncertain future immediately after the pandemic and what will happen in the long term?


16:55 Workshop: Open Data and the future of Digital Marketing

Organic search is not how customers are finding your products online anymore: It’s pre-formulated replies of Social and Search Media that moves the volumes. All powered by the concept of Open Data and voice/AI adaptation.


16:55 Panel: Rethinking strategies

Those who adapt will survive. In this panel we will have invited some of the most innovative players in the hospitality industry. What did they do and how did they do it?


17:20 Keynote speaker live in Stockholm

Live in Stockholm, we listen to our final inspiring keynote speaker


18:00 Pecha Kucha

It only takes 7 minutes to learn more!


18:15 After Work

We offer Mingle Food and drinks