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Oliver Geldner – Taktikon

Oliver Geldner – Taktikon

Oliver Geldner has almost 30 years of experience in hospitality management, marketing and distribution. He is an expert in E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Distribution and Profit Management. He has worked in roles as E-Commerce Manager, General Manager, and Advisor to the Board. Oliver’s track record includes both launching new hotels as well as turning around existing operations, always with long-term focus on margins and bottom line profitability.

Within Taktikon Oliver takes care of, System Audits, Business Development, Digital Marketing programs as well as the courses covering Revenue Management, Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Taktikon is an independent consulting- and training company specialised in Revenue Management, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing. The company various types of services; Outsourcing, Trainings, Mentorship and Audits as well as a Revenue Management System: Rev-Diary and a Distribution Platform: Rez-Connect (powered by Windsurfer)

The name Taktikon comes from the first known document on strategy, written by Emperor Leo VI, nicknamed the sage or philosopher, in the 9th-10th centuries. It is one of the great works of Byzantine tactics. Leo VI was a Byzantine emperor from 886 to 912. He was highly educated, which generated his nickname.