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Stockholm Event Agenda

08:00 Registration and breakfast

We offer coffee/tea and a breakfast bag.

08:45 Introduction

Moderator Anton Körberg and organiser Annemarie Gubanski kick off the day

09:00 Panel: leadership from chaos (på Svenska)

Pandemic had a big impact on the hotel industry and put a hard pressure on hotel owners and General Managers, what decisions did they make when they first saw the devastating first results of Covid-19, what did they change along the way and how did they manage the team in this time of turmoil?

We invited prominent speakers such as Peter Jangbratt from Scandic, Pia Djupmark from Grand Hôtel Stockholm, Johan Eklund from Workation Group and Ulf Cato from Sabis Hotels to give us their insights.

Moderator: Anton Körberg

09:30 Start of the international event

This event is held simultaneously in Stockholm, Rimini, London and Online. We will meet the organisers from the other events: Ally Northfield from Revenue by Design (London) and Emanuele Nardin from Hotel Performance (Rimini)

09:45 Keynote speaker Rik Vera Live from London: Business and life in the day after Covid-19

live from London, we listen to our first inspiring keynote speaker, Rik Vera

Ecosystems (or platforms) are hot. Why is it more than just another buzz? Why is the ‘ecosystem economy’ the inevitable outcome of the changes in society due to forces like big data and 21st century technologies? Why is it the answer to the huge challenges we are facing in the next decade when we have to reset our economy?

Rik is a renowned thought-leader, worldwide keynote speaker and author of business bestseller “Managers The Day After Tomorrow”. He’s a trusted advisor on the topics of extreme customer centricity, innovation in the digital era, business model change, sales, marketing and leading companies on their journey to their very own Day After Tomorrow.

10:30 Tanya Stallard from London: The New reality of Hospitality

Tanya Stallard from SHR takes us on a 7 minute whirlwind tour of what hospitality will look like in the future.

10:40 A CEO Perspective. How did Hackholmssund survive pandemic?

Hackholmssund is situated just outside of Stockholm, where nature plays an important role. Secluded but not isolated, and offering peace and tranquility. How did a Conference Facility focusing on B2B business survive Pandemic and how does their CEO see the future of Meetings & Events?

Moderator Anton Körberg will do an in-depth interview with  the hotel’s CEO Jesper Hysenius and find out!

10:55 A Hotel Business Outlook from an expert perspective

What happens with the hotel industry in a volatile demand & supply situation? Will we go back to normal or will the new normal remain the future normal? We have invited some high profile speakers Martin Creydt from Pandox, Thomas Jakobsson from Visita, Charlotte Blum from HOPS Management and Fredrik Utheim from Annordia to give their insights.

Moderator: Kim Spolén from Infor

10:55 Pricing Strategies in uncertain markets

When the market is wide open and pricing is at a low, how can you find demand at the right price? How can we find the right pricing strategies in a Total Competition Situation? Tijl Speetjens from OTA Insight gives the answer


10:55 Pacing the market, a Benchmark Perspective on the past year and beyond (på svenska)

Johan Johander from Benchmarking Alliance will give his valuable insights. How did Sweden do during Pandemic?

11:25 Coffee Break

We offer coffee with a light snack

11:55 We jumped in a time machine and ended up in 1998

The past pandemic fast forwarded the current trends with 10 years, but where did we end up? Will Tour Operators come back and what will our guests demand from us? Will it become a price driving or a quality driven market. Speakers Johan Nordqvist from Amadeus, Tommy Serban from TUI Nordic and Lotten Fowler from SBTA will guide us the way.

Moderator: Alin Lazar from eRevMax-RateTiger


11:55 Why AI in Revenue Technology needs your brain (på svenska)

In this interactive workshop, Revenue Management Expert Katarina Svensson shares her broad expertise and will reveal the fundaments of Revenue Management. By her side she will get the help of Henrik Dahlbom from PMHR

12:30 A CEOs perspective. How did Waxholm Hotel handle pandemic?

June 2020 Therese Liljeqvist pursued her dream of owning a hotel and bought the Waxholm Hotel on the popular island Waxholm outside of Stockholm. This was a bold move, only three months after the outbreak of the Pandemic. But Therese is an entrepreneur and a problem solver. The hotel survived because of some very creative actions they took. We are curious to find out!

12:45 Keynote speaker Tim Davis Live from Rimini: Winning ways for hotel pricing in an uncertain world

The environment, technology innovation, government policy and consumer values have created unprecedented change to the patterns of demand that is resetting future market and industry norms for the travel and hospitality sector and changing the nature of competition.  As the industry recovers at different speeds and with less certainty for the future, hoteliers need to adapt not just to recover stronger but also to survive.  This session will set out the biggest drivers of change and focus on the role of Pricing and how companies need to rethink their strategies, capabilities and ways of working to win.  The agenda will cover:

  • What are the biggest macro drivers of change and the implications for Hospitality
  • What strategic considerations should hospitality contemplate
  • How can pricing help improve performance, and what are the criteria for success
  • Practical examples that help illustrate the biggest opportunities

13:30 Lunchbreak and Mingle


14:30 Total Profit is the new Black

In this panel we invited Pär Augustsson, VP Total Profit at Nordic Choice, Maria Macree from iVvy and Laura McNally from IDeaS to discuss the topic.

For years the hotel industry has talked about Revenue Managers turning into Total Profit Revenue Managers and really get the most out of our revenue streams. For this panel we have invited Revenue Managers from other industries to give us their insights. What can we learn from them?

Moderator: Stephan Kohl from HQ Revenue

14:30 The re-definition of loyalty programs

With consumers demanding rewards instead of points the future of loyalty programs is shifting. Guests want memorable and adapted experiences instead of generic loyalty packages and the discussion has risen if Revenue Management should handle this instead.

With question such as how to put a price on Customer Value, Revenue Management skills to measure result, form distribution strategies and integrating the most optimal revenue strategy are highly valuable.

14:30 The best optimisation will win the end game (på Svenska)

The increasing need for leaner and more efficient operations, including revenue management, means more hotels are now investing in RMS to optimize prices and improve their KPIs. All revenue management systems promise the same things but what is the actual value driver of investing in an RMS and how does the algorithm, the backbone of the RMS ensure you grow your market share and outperform your competitors. How can an RMS make the difference between missing wave after wave of demand versus riding every wave to the beach?


15:00 How to find the best technology solutions

One of the effects of the pandemic is the need to be highly effective and save cost by finding the right technology. But how can hotels identify which technology needs they have and how all these systems can and will work together?

Technology providers Bastien Briole from Profit Intelligence, Jos Schaap from Roomdex and Alin Lazar from eRevMax-RateTiger enter the scene and help out to find out.

Moderator: Oliver Geldner from Taktikon


15:00 A New Era of Revenue Management

Clément Auffan from Pace is hosting this workshop.

In some areas hospitality has fallen behind other areas when it comes to innovation. Revenue management is one of these. There is strong attachment to manual processes and traditional business models. But innovation requires that both are challenged. Pace describes how innovators in hospitality challenge tradition and gain new competitive advantages.


15:00 the Meeting & Event Circus turned Inside Out (på Svenska)

2020 was the year where we went from personal to Online. Will this be the new way of meeting and how can hotels adapt to change? Do they have to make radical changes, invest in technology or just work smarter? Meeting visionair Jörgen Dyssvold and Ingmari Pagenkemper, CEO for Cirkus Arena in an inspiring interview

Moderator is Viggo Cavling from Travel News

15:30 Mingle Break

We offer coffee with a light snack


16:00 Live from London and USA: Why loyalty is The Next Big Thing in revenue management and how to prepare for it

Loyalty rewards in travel, especially in hotels is aspirational and memorable in a way that grocery rewards are not. Customer Experience is pivotal in loyalty.

How do we put a price on Customer Lifetime Value and what do we need in our revenue management toolkit to measure and integrate this into our revenue strategy?

Live from London Peter Gestle inteviews Klaus Kohlmayr in The States. An international event indeed.

16:25 Revenue Management; a whole new world

Laura McNally from IDeaS in a presentation and interview on the changing role of the Revenue Manager. How did this change over the years, what is demanded of a future Revenue Manager and what does Sebastian Arnshelm from Nobis Hotels see the future?

16:25 How hotels can create a commercial team in a recovery (på svenska)

In this Swedish workshop Anders Johansson talks about how to create a highly effective commercial team.

Five practical ideas how to create a high-performance commercial team.

  • Flexible organisation
  • Hire A-level talents
  • Automate to eliminate waste of time
  • Drive execution through guidelines and meetings
  • Track progress by using the right KPIs


17:00 Speaker Erik Tengen Live in Stockholm: Upselling and the (un)conscious brain

Live in Stockholm, Erik Tengen from Oaky will dedicate his Pecha Kucha to Upselling and the (un)conscious brain.

On any given day, the average adult makes 35,000 decisions. Some decisions are made consciously, but as our conscious brain can only focus on one thing at a time, our brains look for shortcuts to help us make decisions. These unconscious shortcuts are fascinating because they make us both irrational and predictable in our decision-making. Through understanding them, hoteliers will be better able to read the minds of their guests and design their strategies  accordingly.

For example: What’s the impact of offering something for free? How can you make an offer more attractive without changing it materially? In which cultures do we see people respond to a pricing of $1.99 better than $2.00?


In this presentation, we’ll dive into fascinating psychological aspects of human decision-making and how hotels can use these insights to maximise their revenue from upselling.



17:10 Keynote Speaker Lottie Knutson live in Stockholm: Opportunities and Consumer Travel Trends within the Hospitality

Lottie Knutson uses her long experience as Travel Influencer to give us her insights on Travel Trends which will affect the hospitality industry and how hotels can act upon it.

  • What are future travellers looking for and how do they decide the destination they are planning to travel to? Over the years we increased the amount of times we travel, but also our expectations on the destination we are about to visit. What do travellers expect, how can we adopt our facilities to adapt to these needs? Can we find some good examples of hotels that succeeded?
  • How do future travellers want to communicate with us? What way can we adapt our message to the future traveler and make sure that they get interested in our destination and property? Maybe even create an interest to those who did not have an idea that they actually were interested to visit us? How can we best lift the particular facilities they are looking for?
  • What way can a destination work together in order to make sure that travelers actually can find our destination, but also want to come and stay at our particular destination? What co-operations can be found and where should we draw the line between cooperation and competition?

17:55 Goodbyes and After Work

We offer Mingle Food and drinks