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Vladimir Martinov – Upgrade Two

Vladimir Martinov – Upgrade Two

CEO and Founder

Vladimir is the Principal and one of the Founders of Beehive Hospitality LTD. In his current position, Vladimir is responsible for the development and delivery of the Hospitality Services Centre –Staff Development, Technology, Hotel Processes as well as Consulting in Distribution and Profit Optimization services –for all Beehive Hospitality Customers. Vladimir is a graduate from the Bournemouth University (UK) with a BA (Honours) in Hospitality Management.

Manny is the Director of Strategic Sales at Amadeus. With over a decade of experience helping hotels drive revenue through more direct bookings, he brings a strong sense of hospitality and a passion for customer service to the hotel marketing space. Leveraging this experience, Manny has helped hundreds of hotels from Canada to the Southernmost point of Chile. He now oversees WEB, Reservation, and the CRM solution for all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

UP2 is an ancillary activity and hospitality add-on specialist company with its base in the UK and Bulgaria. We have positioned the e-commerce solutions on offer to ensure we are the best friend of the hospitality manager for three reasons: 1) We enable the interaction with each and every one of your guests (yes, everyone!) early in their arrival, with offers relevant to their stay; shows them that you care. 2) Boost your revenue by guest – so top line drops straight to the bottom line. 3) Increase your direct conversions! And here is a bonus reason why it is going to be your best friend: UP2 will not take any more time from your day to manage functionality – it works for you, so you can focus on making your guests feel welcome when they arrive!