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Simone Puorto – Travel Singularity

Simone Puorto – Travel Singularity

Founder and CEO

Simone Puorto is a renowned travel and hospitality consultant, keynote speaker, and author with over 25 years of experience. Known for organizing the innovative 24-hour metaverse event Polybius,

Simone has significantly impacted the travel industry. He’s an accomplished MBA lecturer at prestigious institutions like ESSEC and Les Roches. His advisory roles span companies like Sleap.io, GAIN, and RobosizeME.

In 2023, he founded Rebyū, a GPT start-up for automating hotel review replies. He’s the founder of the Travel Singularity firm, focusing on Web3 and GenAI in tourism. His articles feature in Skift and PhocusWire, and he hosts a HospitalityNet podcast on decentralization in hospitality. His latest book addresses the transition to “posthuman hospitality,” advocating for AI in enhancing guest care.

More information on his work and publications can be found at https://www.travelsingularity.com/simonepuorto