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Sebastian Tarkowski- Fagerudd

Sebastian Tarkowski- Fagerudd


Sebastian Tarkowski is a firm believer in the power of effective meetings. With a passion for driving meaningful conversations, he strives to transform unproductive meetings into purposeful ones. As an Innovation Catalyst, Sebastian combines his engineering background, consumer understanding, and commercial mindset with a natural curiosity and creativity to allow organizations to push their thinking to reach beyond desired results. Sebastian is an advocate for sustainability, championing environmentally friendly practices and encouraging others to do the same. His business was recently nominated for Sweden’s most prominent award within the meeting industry, Svenska Mötespriset 2023, for their sustainability initiatives.

Currently serving as the CEO of the conferencing hotel Fagerudd, Sebastian is committed to establishing a foundation for impactful meetings that enable everyone to contribute meaningfully while promoting responsible and ethical actions. Before this role, he served as an Innovation Catalyst, Brand Strategist, and Director Level Consultant at Grow, a brand development consultancy, where he played a vital role in shaping strategies and driving growth for diverse clients such as Arla, Sodexo, and Carlsberg.

Passionate about turning meetings into powerful platforms for collaboration and problem-solving, Sebastian Tarkowski is dedicated to making a difference through his expertise in innovation, facilitation, and strategic thinking.