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Piotr Olesiński – YieldPlanet

Piotr Olesiński – YieldPlanet

Chief Commercial Officer

For more than 5 years focused on helping hoteliers automate sales and maximize revenue. Chief Commercial Officer at YieldPlanet, previously Product Manager of the RMS tool for hotels. Entrepreneur and geek that combines technology with business and strategy. Bike orienteering and ski touring enthusiast.

YieldPlanet is providing innovative revenue management solutions and global distribution connectivity for the hospitality industry with the aim of solving hotels’ online distribution and pricing problems.

The software automates the interactions between hotels and Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and hotels’ own web pages, while providing hotels with data, which can be used to optimize revenue & pricing, select & manage pricing strategies, and manage room inventory. At the same time the OTAs benefit from receiving real-time information on hotels’ inventory and pricing. Our unique selling points:

  • Reach – client hotels gain an immediate and automatic access to over 400 OTAs
  • Ease of use – even an unsophisticated, offline hotel can quickly start using it
  • Functionality – developed through an interaction with leading hotel chains such as Accor, Yieldplanet beats all global competitors on a function-by-function comparison of key channel and revenue management features
  • High level of support

YieldPlanet products are being used by over 15.000 hotel properties in over 60 countries. yieldPlanet has established presence in many countries, including among others Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom, Romania, Argentina, United States and Canada.