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Madeleine Brehmer – Sabis AB

Madeleine Brehmer – Sabis AB

CEO and Owner

Madeleine is owner and CEO for Sabis AB, a family business focused on creating attractive destinations and the best customer experiences in food and hospitality. Today the company has a turnover of 101 million Euro and 700 employees, in 6 food stores, 3 destination hotels and 20 restaurants and service outlets in worklife hospitality.

Madeleine has a great passion for design and creating winning concepts. In the midst of the pandemic 2021 Sabis relaunched Smådalarö Gård, a high quality spa destination hotel, winning the LIV Hospitality Design Award in 2022 for best architectural design for luxury hotels. In September 2022 Sabis opened a new destination food store in Sickla, Stockholm, with a unique concept. In 2023 Sabis will open 2 new work life hospitality centers with multi-unit restaurants and facility services, as well as continuing to develop the destination hotels.

Madeleine has a masters degree in economics and marketing from Stockholm University and is a certified board executive.