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Heiko Rieder – Penta Hotels Worldwide

Heiko Rieder – Penta Hotels Worldwide

As Vice President Revenue Management and Reservations Heiko steers the commercial direction of Penta Hotels Worldwide and oversees the disciplines Revenue Management, Reservations, Distribution and Business Intelligence.

His passion for performance measurement and data analysis supported the conceptual design and rapid deployment of a centralized model for revenue generation and reservations handling as it is the brands foundation to its commercial success until today.

Before joining Penta in its start up phase 14 years ago, Heiko grew up in the field of rooms division with international and regional brands in UK, the US and Germany.

Heiko is a strong believer of the fact that hospitality is an industry from people for people where its employees perform at its best with passion for what they do, which usually is related to making our clients and guests feel more comfortable. In order to make room for our team members to upskill and move to more interesting responsibilities robotic automation should be fostered to reduce the amount of mundane, repetitive tasks.