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Håkan Holmgren – Bergendal

Håkan Holmgren – Bergendal

Head of Operations

Creating sustainable business is something Håkan always want to achieve at Bergendal. To do this with the guests and quality in focus and to develop employees and the business towards a better world are some of the targets in his work. Bergendal is a facility with high demands on sustainability and environmental work in everything in the business.

Håkan have the background from Hotels and Restaurants. Over the years, he worked in a variety of facilities. Bokenäs(Uddevalla), hotel facility that was built with zero impact on the environment. Another example is Sånga-Säby (Stockholm), pioneers in sustainability work in hotels and restaurants. He was already interested in sustainable work from an early age, as this is closely linked to what we eat and drink. He likes credible work with controls and certifications such as KRAV and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Håkan have 25 years in the hospitality industry with a small sidestep to the retail market. As one of the founders to Sweden’s first grocery store with a 100% organic range. EAT! Ekoaffären, open 2 grocery stores in Stockholm.

He has a passion for food and beverages, and he is commitment to sustainability is huge and the belief for a better world in the future.