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Fritz Müller – RateGain

Fritz Müller – RateGain

Vice President - Enterprise & Strategic Partnerships

With over 15 years of experience in the travel industry, Fritz has worked in both hotels & OTAs before shifting his focus to travel technology. Since joining RateGain in 2018 Fritz has been working with a mix of clients across the entire travel industry to increase their revenues & to improve their efficiencies with products and services such as Business Intelligence, Distribution and Marketing Technologies. In his current position, Fritz works with some of the largest companies in the travel industry and also oversees the newly launched partnership programme of RateGain.

RateGain is an innovative, cloud-based technology platform which helps hospitality and travel companies make more revenue every day.

RateGain is a leader in hospitality and travel technology solutions for AI-driven revenue management, rate intelligence, frictionless distribution and guest experience cloud-based solutions helping customers across the world in unlocking new revenue every day.