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Expect Me

Expect Me

Expect Me is a unique room selection and upsell platform. On our platform, guests can book an individual room from an interactive floor plan.

For years, we have been used to selecting our seats on an airplane, at the movies, or the theatre. It’s time to bring that experience to hotels!

Hotels now have a chance to drive incremental revenue not just by upselling higher room categories but also by monetizing room selection for the room category that was initially booked. Additionally, this is a great tool to reward direct bookings and loyal guests. We empower guests to personalize their stay by selecting and guaranteeing their individual room, plus a selection of ancillary products and services hotels offer them. Whatever your objective, we have you covered so you can focus on elevating the ultimate hospitality experience for your guests.

Key features

  • Optimize revenue for each individual room
  • Upsell specific products and services to drive ancillary revenue
  • 2-way integration with cloud-based PMSs to fully automate the booking and operational processes
  • Interactive dashboard with insights and analytics on hotel and chain level
  • Guest messages sent by us or through your own platforms and communication tools
  • Support from a dedicated team of hospitality professionals

Key benefits

  • Enjoy incremental revenue
  • A unique selling proposition to drive more direct bookings that no OTA or third party can offer
  • Increase guest satisfaction
  • Maximize your operational efficiency

For more information, visit:  https://expect-me.com/introduction/