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Chi Chan – Ireckonu

Chi Chan – Ireckonu

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Chi is a proven industry commercial leader driven by a passion for digital and enterprise transformation. He is a marketer, strategic business builder and digital innovator with experience in digital, ecommerce, marketing, loyalty, brand, revenue management, distribution, and operations.  He joined Ireckonu in 2020 with the goal of expanding the global reach and evolving the technology to meet the needs of the consumer.

Ireckonu connects you with your guests to create seamless and meaningful experiences, from before check-in to beyond check-out.

Building on its robust middleware infrastructure, CORE Middleware, Ireckonu provides a connected ecosystem designed to manage your systems and operations, while empowering your team to deliver experiences based on the individual needs of every guest.

Ireckonus SaaS product offerings build on the centralized data in CORE Middleware to enable improved guest experience and engagement, while driving operational efficiencies.

  • IKnowU is a Customer Data Platform that synchronizes your guests’ preferences in real time.
  • IGreetU introduces a virtual front desk to save time and effort for you and your guests.
  • IInformU provides advanced, actionable insight that helps you determine your next move.
  • IAssistU gives your team the tools to create meaningful experiences on the ground and in the moment.
  • IRewardU generates lifetime value and loyalty for your guests.