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Benjamin Devisme – Quicktext

Benjamin Devisme – Quicktext

Ben is an entrepreneur and investor committed to helping hotels solve e-commerce challenges. He was part of the team that started PriceMatch their vision being to create a simple and affordable  revenue management solution. Pricematch was subsequently acquired by Booking.com in 2015.

A passionate advocate of the power of AI within the hotel industry, since 2015 Benjamin has been applying AI to hospitality with Quicktext a smart chatbot that helps hotels reduce operational costs, deliver instant service to guests and increase direct sales.

Quicktext is an AI-powered chatbot and messaging solution for hotels that 

  • reduces operational costs
  • Delivers instant  personalised guest service
  • Increases direct bookings by 9%

Want to see what it looks like? Have a look here: https://youtu.be/MRwImPq1BUg

Feel welcome to contact Ben for any question