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Alex Barros – EasyWay

Alex Barros – EasyWay

Managing Director

Alex is the Managing Director of EasyWay helping hotels build and scale the ultimate guest journey customised to the hotel brand experience focussing on revenue generation and guest communication, automation and optimisation. He has over 15 years experience spearheading results-driven expansion for disruptive technology brands across new international markets and development of top tier teams to achieve ground-breaking results through building strategic alliances, loyalty and delivering sales transformation within travel tech for the hospitality industry. Alex has led the expansion of some of the most disruptive and largest technology vendors in the sector including Hospitality Marketing Concepts, SiteMinder, Duetto, Event Intelligence and Beonprice in over 50 countries in EMEA, LATAM and North America.

Alex leads the expansion of EasyWay into new territories as the company expands its footprint worldwide. EasyWay humanises digital guest experiences within the hospitality sector, instantly connecting hotels and resorts with guests over WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and more, in over 100 languages, providing two-way immediate translation. The hotel technology platform enables hotels to transform total revenue and automatically engage with guests via their preferred channel of communication to increase the bottom line.

Alex is a specialist in travel tech loyalty, distribution, revenue management and big data, and works with his partners developing strategies to use the hotel tech stack to enable hotel revenue generation and automation.

EasyWay builds the Ultimate Guest Journeys for each guest of our hotels based on their own KPIs and goals. We focus on mobile messaging which is the most effective communication channel with guests.

We empower forward thinking hotels and their teams with Open AI & automation to capturing leads on the booking stage, delivering new revenues to hotels through upselling pre-stay and in-stay, developing e-concierge to help guests to have a better experience during their stays. We help hotels to market and communicate with each and every single one of their guests in their native languages and we reduce costs and optimise the hotel operations.
Let us know what you want to achieve and we will take you there.

– Guest communications
– Web bot
– Scaling & Automating Guest Journeys
– Online check-in and check out
– E-concierge
– Upselling Guest Portal
– Helping you understand your guest in each part of their journey with you