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Annemarie Gubanski – Taktikon

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Depending on the season, day of the week, customer and time of booking, hotels can apply different price strategies. How do you choose the right price startegy at the right time? Annemarie Gubanski will cover some possibilities and best practises.


Annemarie Gubanski

Annemarie Gubanski has a long experience in Revenue Management and Distribution. She is the founder of Taktikon AB, a Revenue Management and Distribution Consultancy for the hospitality industry. Taktikon is based in Stockholm, Sweden and offers education within Revenue Management, Outsourcing, Mentoring, Audits and Recruitment services. She is the founder of Revenue Forum and co-founder of popular Hotel Market Seminars which focuses on Revenue Management for the hospitality industry. Moreover, she is a sought-after lecturer, amongst others for the Revenue Management courses at Frans Schartau Handelsinstitut in Stockholm, Sweden.


Revenue Management Consultancy in Stockholm, Sweden

Taktikon is a Revenue Management, Distribution & Digital Marketing consultancy based in Stockholm and conducts Outsourcings, (System) Audits, Trainings and Recruitments. Taktikon has experience in Hotels, Meeting Facilities, Restaurants, Camping, Cabins, Destinations for chains as well as smaller properties, centrally located as well as rural.