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Revenue Forum Webinars

Revenue Forum Webinar

Revenue Forum Webinars are organised per six weeks on Thursdays. For every webinar we choose a different subject and different inspiring speakers.

The next webinars are held:
16th of February 2023, the ever changing life of a Revenue Manager
20th of April 2023, Loyalty is dead, long live Guest Recognition!
8th of June 2023, how the hotel industry can become a sustainable one
3rd of August 2023, The distribution platform. How to decrease distribution costs
5th of October 2023, The focus shift from Revenue Management to Profit Management
7th of December 2023, Travel Statistics for the Hotel Industry

Missed any of our previous webinars?

We record all our webinars and you can always watch them on the Taktikon Youtube Channel

Why attend Revenue Forum Webinar?

Revenue Forum organises industry-shaping online sessions as leading visionaries address their view on the chosen topic. It is a fantastic opportunity to get easy access to the latest news. The agenda is as follows:

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • 5 times 5 minute sessions by industry experts
  • Interview with a hotel representant giving hands-on insight on the topic
  • Discussion Forum with all speakers
  • Thank you and end of the webinar

Who attends Revenue Forum Webinar?

The Revenue Forum webinar is organized for all interested in Revenue Management related questions. It is a one-hour free of charge inspiration for:

  • Revenue Managers
  • Commercial Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • General Managers
  • Students / future Revenue Managers
  • Reservation agents
  • Technology Specialists
Revenue Forum Webinar

5 times 5 minute sessions

In these sessions our five expert speakers each get five minutes to present their view on the chosen topic. This is done in a Pecha Kucha format, where speakers tell their story using 15 slides which automatically change after 20 seconds.

Interview with a hotel expert

For each webinar we invite somebody working at a hotel to be interviewed and give his or her view on the topic. This is a fantastic way to get hands-on insight from a person actually dealing with the types of issues we have chosen to address.

Discussion Forum

This is a very interactive part of the Revenue Forum Webinar in which we discuss the topic with all speakers. We reply to any questions our participants have sent us during the webinar but also discuss our different points of view on the topic

Revenue Forum Webinar 16th of February 2023

Virtual Event Virtual Event

The Ever Changing life of a Revenue Manager Revenue Management has changed dramatically over the years and the role has evolved to becoming a Total Profit Manager where Revenue Managers are responsible for the optimisation of all revenue streams and it's costs involved. With an increasing cost of distribution, the optimisation of distribution strategies is vital and with that also […]

Revenue Forum Webinar 20th of April 2023

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Loyalty is dead. Long live Guest Recognition! The time of collecting points in order to save for a free night which can be obtained after many months of collecting is gone. Nowadays guests want to have instant gratification and recognition before and during their stay. But how can we make that happen? What technology do we need and what training […]

Revenue Forum Webinar 8th of June 2023

Virtual Event Virtual Event

How the Hotel Industry can become a sustainable one With Carbon Footprint becoming an increasingly important KPI and travel over all is seen to have a negative impact on environment, maintaining sustainability is vital. How can we make sure our industry is seen as a sustainable one? Date: 20th of April 2023 Time: 15.00-16.00 CET Speakers: Annemarie Gubanski from Taktikon […]