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2021 event “Leadership from Chaos”

‘Leadership from Chaos On Demand’ is here!

Access the very best of the day’s discussions from the comfort of your laptop

October 12th saw a unique and unprecedented gathering of revenue management and commercial professionals uniting for ‘Leadership from Chaos’. In Stockholm, London, Rimini and Online, the industry came together to tackle the most pressing issues facing revenue management today.

This unparalleled event brought together some of the industry’s finest minds to debate, challenge, and strategise, as we navigate our way out of the last 18 months.

But don’t worry if you missed out! You can still benefit from these business shaping discussions as ‘Leadership from Chaos On Demand’ provides access to the best of the days discussions from the comfort of your own laptop.

It is your chance to access discussions where respected industry leaders and peers

  • Share their experience of the pandemic – short and long term strategies for survival, what they have learnt, and what they would do differently
  • Debate the role of revenue management in meeting and exceeding changing customer expectations
  • Address the increasing importance of loyalty in today’s revenue strategies.
  • Unpack the new breed of leisure traveller – who they are, why they are so important, and what strategies work to mitigate typically high cancellation ratios
  • Explore the changing face of metasearch and its impact on direct hotel distribution and the business and channel mix
…and so much more!
Registration will provide over 10 hours of the day’s most inspirational and dynamic discussions, and will be available until April 2022.