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Martijn Langstraat – Amadeus
February 28, 2020 Annemarie Gubanski

Martijn Langstraat – Amadeus

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The impact of “Alternative Accommodations” on the hotel industry

Martijn will talk about the effect of platforms such as AirBNB on the hotel industry. Should hotels take this seriously? How do they keep track on this? How do they measure the impact on their business?

Martijn Langstraat

Martijn Langstraat’s passion for the hospitality industry has led to a 20-year career in this dynamic environment. After 15 years of various sales & marketing leadership roles within independent and branded hotels, he now heads up the business development in the BENELUX, Sweden and Denmark for TravelClick an Amadeus Company.

With his vast experience and passion in both hospitality and data-based hotel technology, he is a source of inspiration for many hoteliers to apply this in their own business to help grow results.

Our suite of data-driven solutions delivers the knowledge your need to ACQUIRE the right guests at the right price, CONVERT shoppers into bookers and RETAIN guest relationships for repeat business. All solutions in the suite are fully interconnected, mutually supportive and uniquely designed to make you successful by maximizing revenue for your hotel.

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