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Anna Israelsson – Availpro

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How to increase global revenue based on Millenials’ behavior

This generation have changed expectations and best practices within the e-commerce. Learn how you can easily capture them on your own website and increase revenue.

Anna Israelesson

Anna is responsible for growing Availpro’s business in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Her mission is to help hotels in the Nordics manage their online distribution. Anna Israelsson describes herself as a hotelier with a true passion for technology. After kicking off her career at Availpro as an Account Manager, Anna then evolved within the hospitality industry as a Hotel Manager in a brand new property in Paris, where she realized the impact of technology on hotel performance and success.


Founded in 2001, Availpro is a leading technology provider to the global hospitality industry. Its mission aims at contributing to the hoteliers’​ growth by increasing their online distribution, whether through direct room selling on their own website or other digital channels. Availpro stands at the center of the hospitality ecosystem. More than 6000 properties benefit from a range of innovative products helping them increasing their occupancy and revenue. In parallel, Availpro has established strategic connections with more than 450 partners worldwide. With a global footprint in 89 countries, Availpro differentiates with local teams and a dedicated customer service. The global expansion is supported with a multilingual dashboard and a booking engine available in more than 30 languages.