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Henrik Dahlbom & Mats Grähs – Price My Hotelroom

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What role will the Revenue Manager play in the fututre?

A philosophical discussion around man and machine . Will machines completly run the Revenue management business in the future or is there a place for humans along side neural networks and automized software?

Henrik Dahlbom

Henrik Dahlbom is a hotel owner that early realized the benefit of owning your own sales pace. The market is not always logical and there’s a lot of money to be made by following your own strategy.


Mats Grähs

Mats Grähs is a software developer with long experience of automating and simplifying business processes. Let computers do what they do best and let humans tell them what to do.


Price My Hotel Room develops a revenue management software that helps hoteliers to control their sales pace by using rates and restrictions. The company is based in Sweden and have long experience in the revenue management and software business.