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Marcel Stiller – Nextguest CRM
November 6, 2019 Annemarie Gubanski

Marcel Stiller – Nextguest CRM

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Marcel Stiller - Nextguest CRM

Marcel Stiller has a background in e-commerce & cloud based software for more than 10 years. He has successfully launched brands of leading digital companies like Limango (part of the Otto Group) & SendCloud into new markets at top-level management positions. Today he is responsible for the GoToMarket & Business Development at Serenata and likes to support hotels within the digital transformation by leveraging the power of big data while reducing complexity.

Nextguest CRM is a worldwide leading provider of guest communication and CRM solutions for the hotel industry. Founded in 1996, Nextguest CRM has many years of experience in the hospitality business, which also includes HeBS Digital as a specialist in digital marketing. Through the cooperation of both companies, Nextguest CRM offers comprehensive CRM and e-marketing solutions for the hotel industry. A special focus is placed on attracting new guests by integrating all digital channels. With the integration of guest information from Property Management Systems (PMS), Central reservation Systems (CRS), websites and other systems, Nextguest CRM Suite offers a 360° guest profile view. With Nextguest CRM Suite, guests are contacted by a targeted, dynamic and relevant communication before, during and after their stay with the aim of long-term guest loyalty.

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