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Janis Valodze – Hotel Dog
October 18, 2019 Annemarie Gubanski

Janis Valodze – Hotel Dog

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Innovation in Hotels

Inspiration of this topic is coming form this years Hotel360 fare visit in London. Every day new programs and technical solutions are coming on the market to improve the guest satisfaction, hotel revenue streams and profitability. I would like to use this unique opportunity to share the most exciting new solutions which I believe will be as well interesting for Baltic hoteliers.

Jan Valodze

Janis Valodze is a passionate hotelier with hotel background of 25 years. He started his journey from cleaning rooms, taking care of the customers at  Front Office in various positions up the Front Office manager, rounding up as Rooms Division Manager, with the cross jump to the Food and Beverage Manager position after. After soaking food and beverage knowledge run up as Operations Manager and last six years run several international branded hotels as a General Manager. Next to it was President of Latvian Hotel and Restaurant Association for four years and President of Hotel Stars Union at HOTREC.

The mission of Hotel Dog is to help hoteliers become more successful, to make more money and simply be happier. I see every day how hoteliers are struggling, loosing money or just leaving it on the table. It shouldn’t be like that. Therefore we are currently specializing in four sections – Hotel Performance Review, Pre-Development Support, Asset Management and Mystery Shopping to support hoteliers. Very often people think they know everything, but sometimes people just do not know what they do not know. So let’s find it out together with Hotel Dog!

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