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Ally Northfield – Revenue By Design
September 17, 2020 Annemarie Gubanski

Ally Northfield – Revenue By Design

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Ally Northfield

As Managing Director of Revenue by Design, Ally leads a team of revenue management specialists focused on delivering business transforming revenue management and distribution solutions within the hospitality sector. Known for her ability to simplify the communication of complex business processes, Ally is the principal author of the Revenue by Design revenue management training programmes. Revenue by Design’s delivery of training, outsource revenue management services and consultancy to hundreds of hotels and accommodation providers worldwide has firmly established the company as an industry leader in the provision of revenue optimising services.

 In addition, Ally offers her skills to industry associations and has held board positions with HEDNA and currently sits on the board of RMAPI.

Revenue by Design provides tailor-made revenue management, electronic distribution, channel management and marketing programmes to the hotel industry. The company works with hotels to develop winning programmes that optimise revenues across all customer touch points. With a multitude of options available to hotels to get inventory out to market, we align revenue management, marketing and distribution programmes to ensure all activities across these three disciplines are streamlined. We provide practical advice on implementing programmes, the technology needed to support distribution, revenue management and social media platforms, and on-the-spot coaching either on site or by phone to improve the skill set of hotel teams and ensure the successful implementation of all our programmes.

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