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Anna Israelsson – D-Edge
March 18, 2020 Annemarie Gubanski

Anna Israelsson – D-Edge

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Optimize your distribution strategy

Anna will show how to optimize your distribution strategy

Anna Israelsson

Anna is responsible for growing D-EDGE’s business in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Her mission is to help hotels in the Nordics manage their online distribution. Anna Israelsson describes herself as a hotelier with a true passion for technology. After kicking off her career at D-EDGE as an Account Manager, Anna then evolved within the hospitality industry as a Hotel Manager in a brand new property in Paris, where she realized the impact of technology on hotel performance and success.

D-EDGE Is the European No1 and World No3 hotel distribution technology provider in hospitality. It combines the technical excellence of Availpro and the digital marketing expertise of Fastbooking, two of the largest independent hotel marketing technology companies.

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